Upcoming UX Design Trends: What to Expect in 2023

Get to know how you can provide your website visitors with the best user experience possible: 6 UX design trends to implement now.

Upcoming UX Design Trends What to Expect in 2023

How to Put a Modern Touch to the Website: Amaze Your Visitors with these 6 UX Design Trends

During the last few years, there has been so much hustle and bustle around the user experience. Is it really so important to be visually appealing to not lose potential clients? Yes! In some cases, it is even more important than the product itself. 

Will you return to the site after having a bad experience there? Probably not. The thing that you will likely do is pick up another website from hundreds available on the Internet, won't you? People are also prompted to remember those pages that have clear and user-friendly designs, those that provide us with quality content and show that care about our time. Moreover, we can also be inspired by those web pages and explore them. 

Having your eCommerce you might have wanted your website to look like those stimulating ones. But how to provide that friendly user experience and stand out from dozens of other web pages? Just always be two steps ahead of your competitors by using the upcoming UX design trends, that will help you to attract new customers and have the loyalty of those that you already have.

Dark mode

This fiction isn't new when it comes to social media as such platforms as YouTube, Instagram and others have been using it for a long time. Considering the statistics, 81% of users stick to the dark mode of their smartphone. It owes its popularity because of the light de-stressing feature and minimalistic approach. Web users find all these details appealing and refuse to come back to the light mode. 

That's why web designers have recently started using dark colors and minimalistic elements on their web pages. Or another popular option is crafting the site both in dark and light tones that will adapt to the mode that your potential client is using right now.

Interactive elements & clarity at the same time

Nowadays we can see that more and more web pages provide their users with dynamic icons and animated bars. What to tell about eCommerce, when even search engines such as Google use a non-static front picture when we come to search for something. 

But here comes the most important question: how to use website animation for engaging instead of cluttering? Just keep in mind the next things:

  1. The animation should have a purpose whether it's clicking to get feedback or providing a visual guide on the next steps.
  2. Web users have different devices, so if you use specific types of high-resolution animation, some people won't be able to see it.
  3. Non-static elements should help the web user find the necessary things faster and more appealing.

3D Minimalism 

Continuing the topic of visual elements, in 2023 we will see more minimalistic website components. They will relate to not only the shown photos but the buttons and navigation bar as well. What's more, through every element no matter how small it is you should show your brand identity and be remembered. But being minimalistic doesn't mean that you should use ordinary pictures of the goods that you provide. You can also add some 3D designs and graphics. Nevertheless, like interactive elements, your 3D components should be helpful for site users. That's why attaching each visual element you should ask yourself whether this thing creates a friendly user experience. 

Storytelling through pictures and graphics

A few years ago text was the main element of storytelling. However, will anyone from the Z generation spend time reading the two-page product or brand story? Unfortunately, it's unlikely, even if it's engaging. As shops are focused on providing the best user experience possible, such a thing as storytelling through pictures and graphics comes on stage. Its main purpose is to inspire people through pictures so that they take action and buy something. Encouraging someone isn't possible though if you have low-quality visual content, is it? That's why in 2023 you should pay attention to choosing trendy and modern pictures as only by using them can you inspire people and tell absorbing stories. You can find plenty of photos and graphic content on such marketplaces as MasterBundles. This webpage provides its users with modern and quality visual solutions and has so little but at the same time so important elements such as graphics, fonts, stock content, and pictures. From all these things the users get pleasure during their web experience and as a result will stick to your web whenever they need something.

Ready-made website designs

You might be amazed, however now you don't need to spend time and money on crafting your website and code writing. Because of the high website demand, modern designers decided to make professional UI-kits templates and sell them on marketplaces. All of them have trendy and user-friendly designs, so you don't need to delve into the long process of creating something from scratch. 
What is more, all of them are made in such a way that you can edit some things and add your brand touch. 
Because of their convenience more and more, eCommerce come to their help. That's why based on its growth such templates will become even more popular and unique in the near future.

AI implementation

Not only does the user experience get friendly but the web developers' as well. Artificial Intelligence will help to make the designers' work easier. After collecting the needed information that includes website analytics, item catalog, and target audience, you will be able to get a website design that sticks to your customers' needs. Thanks to AI now designers can create more engaging and handy websites without a long analysis process. In the future, artificial intelligence will evolve more and is expected to provide its users with a personalized experience. Still, it is important to note that AI can help you during the first draft, however, it won't replace the creativity that only people have. 

Wrapping it up 

Knowing the upcoming UX design trends is nothing if you don't implement them into your webpage. Just try them out before your competitors have done it. Such advantages as higher site rates, new customers, and better SEO results won't take long to see. That's why all you need to do now is to sort the gained information in your head and write a plan with the deadlines of what, when, and how you will implement it.

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