Top Microstock sites for AI-generated content

Nowadays, AI-generated content is becoming more popular and acceptable amongst the new generation of people. They are preferring AI-generated images more than real images. So it's needless to say, it can be a great opportunity for micro stockers.

Though AI content is not acceptable on many microstock sites. Al-generated content is accepted by some well-known microstock sites. So, we are gonna discuss those websites that accept AI-generated content. But before that, we should know what is AI-generated content, how we are gonna make AI content, and some advantages and restrictions of AI content on the microstock markets.

Top Microstock sites for AI-generated content

Here is a list of microstock sites that accept AI-generated content:-

1. AdobeStock

2. Dreamstime

3. 123rf

4. Freepik

5. Vecteezy

6. Creative Febrica

7. Design Bundle


What is AI Content Or AI-generated Content?

AI content is those images that are created by AI tools such as Midjourney, Dall-E, Dreamstudio, etc. These tools require image prompts to make an AI manipulation. AI algorithms can generate images, illustrations, and even videos by analyzing vast amounts of data, learning patterns, and applying creative filters.

In simple words, an AI generator search references from over a hundred million images all over the internet then collects specific elements from the other images, then makes a suitable image that the prompt giver is willing to see.

Advantages of AI content

An important benefit of AI-generated content is its scalability. AI algorithms can generate content at a much faster rate compared to traditional content creation methods, allowing content creators to upload a large number of images to microstock sites in a relatively short period of time.

Another benefit of AI-generated content is its versatility. AI algorithms can create a wide range of visuals, from realistic photographs to abstract illustrations, and everything in between. This allows content creators to cater to diverse market needs and create content for various industries, such as technology, finance, healthcare, and more.

Disadvantages of AI content

Besides the advantages, there are disadvantages to AI-generated content. Those are:-

1. Accuracy:- As the AI generator uses algorithms and patterns to make an image, there will be a lot of flow in the art. Not all the images will be accurate. The creator must fix some issues and edit some parts of the image to use them.

2. Similarities:- As the algorithm searches for millions of images for references and elements, There is a huge chance that the image that an AI generator makes, can be similar to other artwork or images.

3. Copyright content:- AI generator can make anything without any hesitations or such care. But the creator must care for the images that he makes. Some images can carry sensitive or copyright issues. On the other hand, celebrity or restricted place images cannot be used for sale or commercial uses.

4. Commercial Rights:- User must have a legal commercial right to sell the AI images on microstock sites or to use them on other commercial websites.

How to make AI content?

We can make AI content for personal and commercial uses and also for microstock sites by following these simple steps:-

Step 1.
Create an account:- Firstly we have to create an account on well know AI image generator site such as:-
  1. Midjourney
  2. Dall-E
  3. Dream studio
  4. NightCafe
  5. etc.
Step 2.
Create prompts:- Prompts are the main context of the AI-generated images. The creator must write a short prompt or text for what he needs and wants to see to run the AI generator.

The prompts must be descriptive and detailed so the AI generator can make the image accurately. If the user needs more details or attachments on the artwork, they must put a comma after the main prompt, then write the specific details such as image styles or photo effects. Some websites allow users to create images in different ratio sizes. The users must put the ratio size in the prompt.

Step 3.
Upscale the results:- The main results will be smaller to use on any site. The creator must upscale the size of the AI image to use them. The upscaling system will higher the image resolution and will add more details to the image.

Step 4.
Fix any problem:- Not all the images will be accurate and realistic. The algorithm may not work as we wanted it to. There will be several flow and deformations in the design. So we need to fix them to sell such images on microstock sites.

This is how we can make AI-generated images. Now we are gonna discuss how we will be able to upload these images on microstock sites.

Upload requirements for AI-generated images on microstock sites

There are several microstock sites that accept AI images. We all have to have a contributor account to sell our AI creation on those websites. These are some simple steps to follow to sell AI images on microstock websites:-

Requirement 1.
Upload only images:- Only image formats such as JPG or JPEG is acceptable for AI-generated content. So upload only image formats for AI-generated illustrations. But in the future, microstock sites may accept vector or PSD files also.

Requirement 2.
Title Descriptions:- Most of the microstock sites require contributors to specify the artwork or images as AI-generated content by writing a quote such as "Generative AI" or "AI-Generated". Users must use this type of quote in the image descriptions.

Requirement 3.
Category must be "Illustration":- All AI-generated images or artworks will be accepted only in the illustration category. Obviously, the image that an AI generator creates is an illustration, not photography! There will be a specific category for AI images on some microstock sites. if there is an ai generated content category on any microstock site you must select the ai-generated content category.

Requirement 4.
Model releases:- If an AI image shows recognizable people or property, that image must require a model release note to submit the image.

A model release note is a legal document that shows the real artwork process, prompts that created the AI image, screenshots of the prompt dashboard, details of the owner that created the AI image, AI creation date, and other information. The model release note will be different for different images.

After following these steps, you will be able to submit your AI artwork creations on microstock sites that accept AI-generated images.

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