How To Add Realistic Tattoo In PhotoShop | Free Download Realistic Tattoo Effect

Add realistic tattoos to your body using Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you guys, how to add realistic tattoos to your body using Photoshop. We are going to use the “Pen Tool” for the first time. So let’s begin our process.

Creating Realistic Tattoo On Body In Photoshop

To create this manipulation, we choose a blond model and four different kinds of tattoo images. For the first time, we are going to use the pen tool to select the body area where we are going to add tattoos. Using the pen tool is a long process and needs a lot of time to finish. But the selection will be much better and more accurate than the other tools. Let us describe how we did this process.

Making Displacement Layer

We opened the model image as we did in the Broken Skull Face Effect Design. Then we copied the background layer by pressing the “Ctrl+J” keys. We can also copy the layer by clicking right on the background layer and selecting the “Duplicate Layer” option.

Then selecting the copied layer, we clicked on the “Filter Option,” then we clicked on “Blur,” and then “Gaussian Blur.” We made the blur radius 3.2 pixels. Then we need to make the layer black and white for the perfect displacement effect. But we didn’t show that on our video. Sorry for that.

Then we clicked on “File Option” and then “Save.” We saved the project file on our desktop and named it “Displacement.” After that, we deleted the copied layer. We will use the project file later.

Creating The Belly Tattoo

Firstly, we opened all the tattoo images. Then we selected the lion tattoo image and brought it to our main workplace. Then we selected the tattoo layer and changed the blending mood to “Linear Burn.” Then we moved the tattoo to a perfect place. Then we made a layer mask for our tattoo layer. Then we selected the “Brush Tool” and brushed black color all over the layer to remove the tattoo.

After that, we selected the “Pen Tool” and made a stroke path all over the belly area. This process is long and needs some time to finish. we created different points to make the selection more accurate. After that, we selected some small areas on her belly which are coming out from her cloth. Then we pressed the “Ctrl+Enter” keys to convert the stroke path to the selected area.

After that, we selected the “Brush Tool” and brushed white color over the belly to reveal the tattoo on her belly. All these works must be done on the layer mask. Our belly tattoo is finished.

Creating Left Hand Tattoo

After the belly tattoo, we selected the lined black tattoo for our model’s left hand {Which will be on our right}. The tattoo file had some extra layers. So we selected all the layers and pressed the “Ctrl+Left mouse” on the layer thumbnail to select all the image areas. Then we clicked on the “Select Option” and then “Inverse” to select only the black area. Then we brought the image to our main workplace.

After that, we clicked on “Ctrl+T” to transform the tattoo. We made the tattoo in our model’s hand size and placed it over her left hand. Our tattoo for left hand is done.

Creating Tattoo For Right Hand

We already opened a watch tattoo image. We simply unlocked the layer and dragged the image to our workplace. Again we made the blending mood to “Linear Burn” for this tattoo image. Then we used “Transform Tool” to make the tattoo smaller and rotated. Then we made a layer mask for this tattoo and took the “Brush Tool” to remove the tattoo. This will be good for add realistic tattoo design.

After that, we selected the “Pen Tool” and made path for her right hand shape. We roughly used the pen tool over her hand to make the shape quickly. But for client works, you need to be careful and make the shape smoothly. We pressed “Ctrl+Enter” to transform the path to selection area. Then we again selected the “Brush Tool” and took white color. After that, we brushed over the selection area to make the tattoo visible. Our tattoo for right hand in add realistic tattoo design is complete.

Add Realistic Tattoo On Neck

We did the same process for the neck tattoo as we did on our model’s belly and right hand. We brought the tattoo image, changed the blending mood to “Linear Burn” and transformed it a bit, made a layer mask for the tattoo, removed the tattoo using the “Brush Tool.” Add realistic tattoo design is almost done.

We made some path on her neck, throat, and open space by using the “Pen Tool.” Then we pressed the “Ctrl+Enter” to transform the path into selection area. Then we took the “Brush Tool” and brushed white color over the selected area to make the tattoo visible. Our neck Tattoo is done.

Finishing The Realistic Tattoo On Body Design

We are almost finished our add realistic tattoo design. After our manipulation, we made a displacement effect. We made a displacement file earlier. But we forgot to show you guys that part on our video. We are extremely sorry for that.

We clicked on the “Filter Option,” then “Distort,” and then “Displace.” We kept the scale as it is and clicked on ok button. Then we selected the displaced file that we saved on our desktop.

We can see the difference already. Now we are gonna make it more realistic. We changed the blending mode to “Linear Burn” and made the opacity a bit low. If you don’t need then don’t change the opacity. If you want to change the color inside the displacement, you can do that also. Our realistic tattoo effect on body is done. Hope you guys like this long tutorial.

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