How To Create Folded Paper Text Effect In Adobe Photoshop | Free Download Folded Paper Text Effect

In this tutorial, we are going to describe how we made this folded paper text effect in Adobe Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we are going to describe how we made this folded paper text effect in “Adobe Photoshop.” This is the best photoshop tutorial for beginners. So let’s begin the process.

Making Folded Paper Text effect

To make this manipulation, we made a metallic background that looks like a room, and then we wrote a text using the “Text Tool.” Then we made some gradient effects on our text and at the last point, we gave some shadows under the text. These simple processes will make a 3D style folding paper text effect design.

Creating Background

First, we made a “1920 X 1080” pixels document. Then we selected the “Adjustment Layer” option and clicked on the “Gradient Tool.” Then we clicked on the “Gradient” option and selected a black and white gradient color. Then we made the gradient style “Reflected” and clicked on the reverse option. Then we pressed the “Scale” option and made the scale at 352 percent. Our metallic background for the folded paper text effect is done.

Creating Our Text

After that, we clicked on the “Horizontal Type Tool” and selected the “Origram Font” for our text. Then we wrote “Text” on our keyboard and went for the “Edit” option, and then clicked on “Free transform” to make the text bigger as we did on our Halloween Skull Face Design. Then we selected the text and background layer together and made them center-aligned by clicking on “Align Horizontal Center” and “Align Vertical Center.” We moved the text a little bit up.

Creating Folded Paper Text Effect

Then we selected the “Rectangular Marquee Tool.” We selected one small side of our text with the tool and then we clicked on the “Burn Tool” and selected the “Midtones” option and also made the “Exposure” a hundred percent.

When we tried to make the effect, a pop-up appeared and warned us saying that, if we run the effect on our text layer, the text will be transformed into a regular shape and then it can not be changed or undone. so make sure you guys made the text ready first or made a copy layer of it if you need to change it later.

Rotating The Selected Area

Then we selected and brushed over our text several times. For the “X” text, we made a rectangle by using the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and then we went for the “Select” option and we clicked on “Transform Selection” to rotate the rectangle. We applied our burn effect on this rotated rectangle. Our folded paper text effect is done.

Creating Shadows

After making the text effect, we created a new layer and then selected the “Elliptical Marquee Tool.” The tool option must be on “Add To Selection Mood.” Then we made some ellipses under all the text alphabets. Then we clicked on the “Edit” option, and then “Fill.” We made the “Contents” option color full black.

Then we clicked on the “Filter” option, then “Blur,” and then the “Gaussian Blur” option as we did on our Water Dispersion Effect On Apple Design. We made the blur radius “19.00” pixels and moved the shadows a little bit down. Our shadows are created for the folded paper text effect design.

Finalizing The Design

After making all the shadows aligned, Our folded paper text effect is done. You guys can do this same process on any other texts you like. The process is very simple. We made this manipulation in a simple way. The “Color Burn” tool is very useful for other works also. We will see this new tool uses more often in our tutorial.

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