How To Create Halloween Skull Face In Photoshop | Free Download Halloween Skull Face Design

It’s a Free Halloween Skull Face Creation tutorial in photoshop with a free Design download option.

In this tutorial, we are going to describe, how you can create a Halloween skull face in Adobe Photoshop. You can transform any photo into a scary face by copying these steps. So let’s get started.

Creating Halloween Skull Face Design

To create this manipulation, We chose a girl model face, a robot image with red eyes, and a skull ghost image. You can choose any ghost or zombie pic if you want. The process is simple and we used the “Brush Tool” only.

Opening Images

To open the images, we did the same thing as we did on our previous Typographic Portrait Design. Simply click on the “File” option, then select “Open” or drag and drop the images inside photoshop. Our opening images for the Halloween skull face design are done.

Working On Robotic Image

We simply drag and dropped the robotic image in our main model photo. Then we dropped down its layer opacity to 50 percent. This will be helpful for image resizing. Then selecting the robot image layer, we pressed the “Ctrl+T” to open “Transform Tool” and then we made the picture big as our model face.

Then we moved the robot picture and aligned its right eye with our model’s right eye. Then we made the opacity a hundred percent again and created a layer mask in our robot image layer as we did on our Hollow Head Effect Design. By selecting the layer mask, we took the “Brush Tool” and chose the black color.

Making The Robotic Eye

Firstly, we brushed out everything on the layer. Then we zoomed in and chose the white color for the brush, Then we made the brush size small and brushed over our model’s right eye. We can see the robot’s eye was coming out. We patiently and perfectly brushed all over our model’s eye to make the eye looks fully robotic. Our work on the robotic image for the Halloween skull face design is done.

Working On Skull Image

After the robotic eye, we made the face looks scary. We simply drag and dropped the skull image in our main workspace. Then we pressed the “Ctrl+T” to open the “Transform Tool” and made the picture bigger than the size of our model’s faces. Then we brought down the opacity of the skull image layer to 60 percent and then we moved the image and placed it at the size of our model face.

Then we made the opacity a hundred percent again and made a layer mask for our skull face image layer. Then we selected the “Brush Tool” and made its color black and then we brushed on the hole layer. We can resize the brush by pressing the “[” or “]” keys. Then we chose the white color and brushed on the lip area, nose, and chin to bring out the skull there.

Making The Halloween Skull Face

After that, we selected a dusty brush from our brushes library and brushed on our model’s skull and skin border area. This will make the Halloween skull face design more realistic and scary. We brushed over the area for some times
and also brushed over our model’s cheek to make some scratch effect on them.

Finalizing The Manipulation

We played with our “Brush Tool” for some time to make a perfect design. Maybe you guys can see the process is very simple and easy. You guys can make whatever design you like with this simple process. We always make simple and easy tutorials for you guys. This will make photoshop learning easier and more reliable for beginners. Hope you guys enjoying our tutorials.

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