How To Create Typographic Portrait In Photoshop | Free Download Typographic Portrait Design

It’s a Free Typographic Portrait Creation tutorial in photoshop with a free Design download option.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can create typographic portrait design in photoshop. This tutorial will be much easier for beginners. So let’s get started.

Making Typographic Portrait Design

To make a design like this, we used blending options and some demo texts. We made three copies of our photos and made a blending mood for each of them. The process should be done step by step. Otherwise, the design will not look like we did earlier.

Making Copies Of Our Photo

First, we opened our image in photoshop as the same process of 3D PopOut water splash in your mobile design we did earlier. We clicked on the “File” option and selected “Open”. Then we clicked on our image to open it.

After opening the picture, we made three copies by right-clicking on the background layer and pressing the “Duplicate Layer” option. Creating different layers is important. We are going to use blending moods for each of our layers so that the manipulation looks unique.

Using Blending Mood

After copying the layer, we turned off the visibility of the two layers above. Then we selected the third layer and clicked on the “Blending Options” above our layer panel which will be at “Normal” state. Then we selected the “Color Burn” option to make the photo darker.

Then we added a masking option in our selected layer and clicked on the “Brush Tool.” The color inside the mask option should be black. Then we brushed on our model’s eyes and also on her lips to remove the blending area from it to make the typographic portrait design more eye-catching.

Then we opened a “Color Look Up” option from the “Adjustment Layer.” The transformation options will be on the “Properties” panel. We selected the “3DLUT File” option and inside of it, we chose the “NightFromDay.CUBE” option to make the color layer darker. Our blending mood is done.

Making Negative Of Our Picture

After our work on the first layer, we turned on the visibility of the middle layer. Selecting the layer we pressed on the “Ctrl+I” keys to make the inverse of our picture which will be in a negative form. The picture looks scary, isn’t it? But it is necessary for our typographic portrait design manipulation.

After that, we changed the blending mood for this layer to “Overlay” and created a new layer. We filled the new layer by clicking on the “Edit” option, then the “Fill” option, and then selecting the “Contents” option to black. The whole workspace went black. Then we selected the “Move Tool” and pressed on the “Alt+Ctrl+G” keys to clipping mask the new layer inside our second photo layer which we were working on. Our texts will be here.

Creating The Text Area

After that, We selected the “Horizontal Type Tool” and made a square space to put our texts there. We copied the text earlier. So we simply just pressed the “Ctrl+V” keys to paste them. We gave the text color white. Then we clicked on the “Create Warped Text” option above and selecting the “Flag” style. The process took some time to load.

Then we masked the text inside our second layer with the same process. We simply pressed “Alt+Ctrl+G” to mask the text layer. Then we moved the texts upside and copied them by pressing the “Ctrl+J” keys. Then we moved the copied text downside masked them. Then we selected the black layer and took the “Eraser Tool.” Then we erased the eyeball areas. We can already see the typographic portrait design. But it needs some more work to do.

Final Step To Make Typographic Portrait Design

After that, we turned on the visibility of our third photo layer and changed the blending mood to “Color.” Our manipulation is done. The process is simple but you guys need to follow the instructions step by step. All the work was on blending mood and layers.

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