Free 3D PopOut water splash in your mobile with photoshop cs6

This is the easiest way to create a 3D popout water splash inside a mobile using Photoshop.

This tutorial will show you how to create a Free 3D popout water splash inside a mobile using Photoshop. It is the best 3D water popout design tutorial for beginners, and this free design manipulation is available for download. We used a mobile and water drop picture for the manipulation.

Manipulation of The 3D PopOut Water Splash

Before the manipulation, we took some high-resolution photos of a smartphone and waterdrops. Then we used “Adobe Photoshop” software to execute the 3D water splash effect on mobile. The process is simple. First, we selected the mobile screen and then used the “Mask tool” to put the water splash effect on the mobile. Let’s describe the manipulation process.

Selecting The Right Photo

First, we must select the right and suitable photo for our design. It’s essential to choose high-resolution photos. Otherwise, the design will not be much practical and useable as we want. We selected a water splash photo and a flat mobile with a black screen on a table, perfect for our design. Then we dragged the photos into Photoshop and started our design.

Selecting The Area

First, we made a rectangle. Then we pressed “Ctrl+T” to open the “Transform tool” for the rectangle. Then we went for the “Edit” option above the artboard, then “Transform path,” and “Skew.” Then we resized it to the size of the mobile screen. Resizing the rectangle in photoshop is a complex process. The rest of the work is straightforward.

After resizing, we pressed “Enter” and clicked “Yes” to transform the live shape into a regular shape. Then we turned down the opacity at 64 percent and then went for the “Edit” option again, then “Transform Path” and “Skew.”

Using Interpolation Tool

The size of the rectangle on the screen must be accurate. Otherwise, the 3D water drop on mobile design will not be as smooth as we want. So we need to play some more time with the rectangle size. For that, we used the “Interpolation tool” (above the artboard) in the “Bicubic” mood to manipulate the rectangle with different points. Then we can suitably resize the rectangle. Our screen selection is made.

Making 3D PopOut Water Splash Effect

We brought the water drop picture for the 3D popout water splash inside a mobile design in the workplace. First, we need to select the background layer we have been working on and then press “Ctrl+J” to copy and paste the background layer as a regular layer to work on it. Then we deleted the background layer.

We brought the water splash picture layer under the main mobile photo layer, and the rectangle layer should be above them all. Then we pressed and held down the “Ctrl” key and right-clicked on the mouse triggering the rectangle layer thumbnail to select only that screen area.

Then we selected the “Eraser Tool” and clicked right on the mouse to open the mouse settings. Then we made the mouse 75 pixels wider and put the hardness at a hundred percent, and then we erased the selected area on the screen. Then we turned off the visibility of the rectangle layer and moved the water drop picture a little bit right. Then again, we pressed the “Ctrl” key and right-clicked on the mouse triggering the rectangle layer to select the area.

Then we went for the “Select” option above and then pressed “Inverse.” Then we selected the water picture and pressed “Ctrl+J” to copy the layer to select other parts of the water drop, which will be the outer water splash in the manipulation. Then we turned off the visibility of the main water splash picture. Then we selected the eraser tool and erased the lower unwanted parts.

Then we used the “Magic wand tool” to select the different upper areas quickly and pressed delete to remove them. It’s a quick process to remove unwanted parts from water drops. Again we used the “Eraser Tool” for single extra areas. And then, we turned on the visibility of the main water splash picture. Our manipulation of 3D pop-up water splash inside a mobile is ready.

That is the process of how we did the manipulation using Adobe Photoshop to make a 3D popout water splash effect inside a mobile.

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