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 It's a Free 3d style I s Logo Tutorial in illustrator, and The Final Design is also available for download.

This Tutorial will show you how to create a Free 3d style I s Logo in illustrator. This is the best logo design tutorial for gradient-used logos, and this free logo design template is available for download. We used a pencil with a crown and an “S” shape with a blue gradient to give a 3d look to this logo concept.

How To Create I S logo Design

For executing this I S logo design, we used Adobe Illustrator software. First, we made a rough sketch on paper to get the logo design ideas. Then we used different types of tools and gradient effects for the logo. We made a 3D effect by only using gradient colors. If you want, you can also use the other best free logo makers to create the logo. Here is one of the best sites for logo design. Now we are going to describe the process.

Making “S” Shape


We have to sketch the “S” letter on paper before creating the logo. We have to draw the “S” shape with a pencil. Then we have inputted the sketch in illustration. We cropped the image in a suitable size and locked the image layer by pressing the “Ctrl+2” keys. Then we made the middle of the “S” letter using the pen tool and converted the path into strokes. Then we made two circles using the ellipse tool to create the upper lines of the I S logo Design.

Then we aligned the circles with the middle shape and wider them by holding the “alt” key to match the shape with the I S logo sketch. Then we copied the circles by holding the “alt” key and dragging them out of the surface. We rotated the copied circles 180 degrees and aligned them with the lower lines of the middle shape. Then we made the upper and lower sides of the I S logo Design using the pen tool. We can now delete the different areas and make the upper and lower sides of the “S” shape using the “Shape builder Tool.” Our “S” shape is ready.

Giving 3D Look to the shape


Then we will use the blue gradient color in our I S logo Design. After using the color, we should play with our “Gradient tool” to give the “S” shape a 3D look. Our 3D “S” shape is ready.

Making pencil


Now we can make the pencil. First, we made a long rectangle using the “Rectangle tool” to make the pencil body. Then a triangle using the polygon tool to make the pointy side of the pencil. Then we matched the width of the rectangle and triangle for the accuracy of the I S logo Design. Then we went for the “Object option” of the illustrator, then the “Path,” “Offset Path” to create a 15 pixel smaller version of the triangle. Then switched the color of the triangles and cut the smaller triangle’s lower edge to make it more realistic.

Then we made three circles to make the edge of the pencil body. Then we aligned them using “Horizontal Distribute Center” option with the long rectangle and made a new shape using the “Shape Builder Tool.” Then we made the striped shape using the “Line Tool” and made a 5 pixel smaller offset path for the long rectangle. Then we took the triangles under the rectangle shapes and colored the middle triangle white. Then by selecting all the pencil shapes, we made for the I S logo design, we went for the “Object option” again, then the “Expand option” to turn all strokes into the path. Our pencil for IS log is ready.

Making Crown


Now we can make a crown for the pencil. First, we took a thin rectangle and made a 5-pixel smaller offset path inside it. Then we made a square shape in half of the size of rectangle and put it on the left side of the pencil. Then we selected the upper left corner of the square using the “Direct selection tool” and moved it a little bit to the left. Then we curved inside the upper line of the square by using the “Anchor point tool.”

Now we can use the “Reflect tool” for the right side of the crown. We selected the left side, put the reflect anchor on the right middle side of the crown, and then dragged the lift side for reflection. Then we selected both sides of the crown that we made and then clicked on the “Unite pathfinder” option to make the crown shape. Then we made a 5 pixels smaller offset path for the crown and matched the color with the pencil body. Our crown for the IS log is ready.

Giving Shades

Then we made the shade for the pencil to make it look more realistic. We put a white and thin rectangle on the right side of the pencil and the crown for the shade effect. Then we made them as the size of the pencil and the crown. For the crown, we rotated the white rectangle a bit left to match the crown side. Then we selected all the pencil and took “Shape Builder Tool” and cut the extra areas that we don’t need. Our shade effect for pencil is complete.

Putting everything together


We took two rulers in the length of the “S” shape we made for the I S logo design and made the pencil size as long as the rulers using the “Direct Selection Tool.” If we don’t use the direct selection tool and select the lower points of the pencil to resize it, the shape of the pencil will not be accurate as we made before.

Now we can check the “S” shape, and if we need to make its corner smooth, we can do that with the “Smooth Tool.” Then we “Center-aligned” the “S” shape and the pencil we made for I S logo on the artboard. Then rotate the pencil 10 degrees right. Then ungroup the “S” shape and select the middle shape of it, and press “Ctrl+Alt+]” to bring the shape above everything. Our primary I S logo is ready.

The complete form of the I S Logo Design is “Ifti Stock.” We wrote it in bold and capital letters. Then put our website address under it.

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