How To design Real Estate social media post, Free Real Estate Template Design

 This is a Free Real estate social media post tutorial with a free download option.

This tutorial will show you how to create a Free Real estate social media post or home-selling business flyer in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is the best flyer or social media post design instruction for beginners, and this free design template is available for download. We used some shape and necessary text space for the users and a modern house pic for realism. Now let us begin the process.

Making a Real Estate Social Media Post

To make a flyer for a home-selling business, First, we need to put some scale for the perfect border space. And then, we need some creative shapes to look more compatible with the real estate business. Then we will use some texts for the necessary information about the business to help the users describe their work and facilities. Then we will use a photo of the building to make our social media post more compatible. Now let’s start our design.

Preparing Artboard and Background


For the real estate business flyer, first, we made a “1000 x 1000” pixel artboard for the design. Then we put some scales and made a background as the artboard’s size. Now we are going to describe our actions.

Making Safety Guides

We made a “50 x 50” pixel rectangle for the border scale. We pressed “Horizontal align-left” and “Vertical align-top” to move the scale upside left of the artboard. Then we pressed “Ctrl+R” for the scales and dragged a scale from the left to the right side of the rectangle. Again we dragged a scale from the upside under the rectangle.

With the same process, we moved the rectangle down and the right side of the artboard by pressing ” Horizontal align-right” and “Vertical align-bottom.” And again, we dragged down two scales, one under the rectangle and the other on the left side of it. Our scaling is done.

Creating Background

We made a “1000 x 1000” pixel square as the artboard’s size and center-aligned it. Then we colored the square dark blue. This square will be our background for the home-selling business flyer.

Bringing Color Palettes and Icons


Earlier, we made social media, website, telephone, and logo icons. We normally just dragged it from the other artboard we saw first. We also made four-color palettes: orange and yellow gradient, dark blue, and white. We used the colors and icons on our real estate social media post. Now it’s time to put them on our design.

Building The Inner Shapes


Now we can build the inner shapes to make the flyer look more eye-catching. First, we made a polygon shape for the building picture and put it on the upper right side of the artboard. Then we made a rectangle for the lower side of the social media post, and we made its width as the artboard size. Then we made another rectangle on the first one. The second rectangle should be 50-60 pixels longer but half wide than the other one, and we put that on the left side of the artboard.

The polygon and the lower rectangle should not touch each other. Then we took the lower right corner of the small rectangle and moved the corner on the left side as the size of the polygon. Then we took the “Pen Tool” and made a triangle on the upper-right edge of the smaller rectangle and sent it backward by pressing the “Ctrl+[” key. We colored the rectangle as a solid “Rusty Orange” color and the triangle as the “Yellow and Orange Gradient” color to make it look like a color paper.

Then we copied and made another “Rusty Orange” colored rectangle for the upper side of the real estate business flyer design. We pressed the “Alt” key and dragged the lower rectangle to copy it as we did earlier in the I S logo design tutorial. We ensured that the rectangle must be aligned with the polygon’s corner inside our design. Then by selecting the polygon, we went for the “Object” option, then “Path,” “Offset Path,” and made a 30 pixel smaller polygon.

Then we made a copy of the small polygon by dragging it and moving it far aside. Then we selected both of the polygons inside the design, took the “Shape Builder Tool,” separate the inside areas of the polygons by dragging our mouse icon inside them and cut the outer side which we don’t need by pressing “Alt+right mouse”. Our inner shapes are ready.

Clipping Mask The Picture


Now we can bring our modern house picture to mask it inside the polygon. We brought the picture from the other artboard and moved the picture backward of the shapes we made but not behind the background. Then we took the smaller polygon that we cut before using the “Shape builder tool” and brought it above everything by pressing the “Ctrl+]” key.

Then we selected the picture and the smaller polygon together and then right-clicked on the mouse and clicked the “Make Clipping Mask” option to mask the picture as the polygon’s size. Then we selected the “Direct Selection Tool” and moved the picture to a suitable place that looks better. Our clipping mask is ready for the real estate business social media post.

Bringing All The Icons and Texts Inside


Now it’s time to bring the icons and texts inside to make the design look flyer. First, we need to organize the icons, and then we will write our business feature texts and slogans. We will also make a “QR code” space and add the price section for the design.

Organizing The Icons

We organized the social media icons on the top right corner, and the logo icon in the top left corner inside the scales. Our users will use their logo in the logo icon space and their social media icons on the right side. Our icon organization is done.

Creating Main Slogan and Description Text

We clicked on “Text Tool” and wrote the slogan “Modern Home For Sale.” The whole text is in “Montserrat” font in capital letters, and the middle “Home” text should be “extra bold.” Then we made an orange line under “For Sale” text to separate the slogan from the description text.

We made a rectangle by pressing the text option, and the sample words will automatically be placed inside the rectangle. We will leave it as sample text cause the users will describe their real estate business inside this text independently. Now we moved it to a suitable place. Our slogan and description text are ready.

Making Feature Options


First, we made a white circle. Then, selected the “Pen Tool” and made a “Correct sign.” Then we center-aligned the correct sign and the white circle and also grouped them using the “Ctrl+G” key. Next, we took “Text tool” again and wrote “Option 1.” Our users will write their housing facilities here. Then we selected the text and circle, clicked on “Vertical align” and grouped them. Then we placed the option element on top of the lower orange rectangle and copied them by pressing the “Alt” key and dragging them down.

After we made four option elements, we copied them on the right side of the lower orange circle in the same process. Then we made a small white rectangle above them and center-aligned them with the lower orange rectangle. Then we wrote “Feature” in capital letters. Then we cut the white rectangle at the same angle as other shapes using two lines. Please be noted, these shapes must be at the same angle. Otherwise, the design won’t be accurate. Our feature option is done.

Making Price Section

After that, we used another small white rectangle on the upper orange shape to make our price section. Our users will add their property prices here. We aligned that white shape on the left side of our design. Then we wrote “Price start from” in capital letter and some demo pricing numbers with a dollar sign in front of them. we made these texts the same size by enlarging the number text a bit. Again we cut the white rectangle as the size of the other shapes using a line.

Then we took a copy of the white rectangle by pressing “Ctrl+C” and pasted it over the rectangle by pressing the “Ctrl+Shift+V” keys. This will paste the second rectangle on top of the white one. then we colored the second rectangle as dark blue and brought it under the white one. Then we made a rectangle above them to cut the blue rectangle to make it smaller. We selected the blue rectangle and the other on our design and took the “Shape builder tool” to cut the extra areas of it. Our price section is ready.

Making Contact Info Section

First, we made a square stroke shape to put our QR code section in it. We put the shape lower right side of our design and then wrote “QR” inside of the square so that our users can understand the purpose of the shape. Then we wrote four dummy texts right side of the square, for our users to use as their contact info section. Our contact info section for real estate social media posts is done.

Finishing Design


That is how we can make a flyer or social media post design for a real estate home selling business. The process is a bit long, but by practicing such a design like these, we can defeat the time.

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