How To Design Hiking and Traveling social media post | Free Hiking and Traveling Template Design

This is a Free Hiking and Traveling business social media post in Adobe Illustrator with a free download option.


This tutorial will show you how to create a Free Hiking and Traveling business social media post in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is the best social media post design instruction for beginners, and this free design template is available for download. We used some solid shapes and necessary texts for the user and some travel pictures for realism. Now let us begin the design.

Making The Hiking and Traveling Social Media Post

We took three different pictures of Hiking and Traveling and some solid rectangle shapes to execute this social media post. We used some social media icons for business purposes. Now we are beginning the process.

Making background


As with the previous design of the real estate business flyer we made, we are going to make the background a square and scale them using the ruler tool to make some safety guides.

Artboard and Safety Guides

For the artboard, we took the size of “1080 X 1080” pixels. This should be a perfect size for travel social media posts.

Then we made a “50 x 50” pixel square for the safety guides. We pressed “Horizontal align-left” and “Vertical align-top” to move the square upper left corner of the artboard. Then we pressed “Ctrl+R” for the “Ruler Tool” and dragged a scale from the left ruler to the right side of the square. Again we dragged a scale from the upside under the square.

Hiking and Traveling Background Setup

We made a “1080 x 1080” pixel square as the artboard’s size and center-aligned it. Then we colored the square in the blue gradient that we took from the main design. This square will be our background for the travel business social media post. Play some time with the “Gradient Tool” to make a perfect background. Our background is ready.

Bringing The Pictures and Icons

After making that background, we brought the pictures and icons from another artboard. We choose three hill-climbing pictures for our design. You can choose whatever design you like. Previously, we made icons. we just copied them in our present work.

Changing The Color of The Icons


We used a light blue and white color for the icons. We took the color from the gradient we were using for the background. By selecting the color pallet we took, we clicked on “Gradient Tool” and then double-click on the light color inside the gradient line. We can get the color code from here. We copied the color code and closed the “Gradient tool.”

Now we are going to change the color of our icons. We made the social media icons light blue and their border white. We did the same with website and phone icons and made the texts white. We also made the logo space full white. This will match the background color. Our icons are ready to use.

Organizing The Icons


We organized the social media icons on the top right corner, and the logo icon in the top left corner inside the scales. Our users will use their logo in the logo icon space and their social media icons on the right side. Our icon organization is done. Then we moved the website section lower-left corner and the contact section in the lower-right corner. Our icon arrangement is done.

Masking Hiking and Traveling Pictures


After icon arrangement, now we can make some rectangles for masking the pictures. First, we made three rectangles and aligned them using the “Horizontal Distribute Center” option. Then we selected the “Free Transform Tool” and then the “Free Transform” option to transform them in a new angled shape. Center align them by using the “Horizontal Align Center” option.

Then make a big white rectangle to cut three other rectangles we made for masking. We center-aligned the rectangle and selected three other rectangles under them. Then cut the middle rectangle using the “Shape Builder Tool” and made the white rectangle a little bit smaller to cut two other rectangles.

Then we selected the rest of our rectangles and cut them with the same tool and deleted the white rectangle. Then we grouped three rectangles and middle-aligned them by the “Horizontal Align Center” option. Then we made a “10-15” pixels offset path for each of our rectangles and colored the outer shapes white. Our middle shapes are ready for masking.

Then we took the Hiking and Traveling picture and send them back to the blue rectangle located right side of our artboard by pressing the “Ctrl+]” keys. Then we clicked right on the mouse and selected the “Make Clipping Mask” option to mask it. Then we selected the image inside our mask by “Direct Selection Tool” and moved our image to the desired place. We did the same process for the rest of our pictures. Our masking is done.

Making Background Texture


Now we can make some texture on our background Make sure the texture matches the Hiking and Traveling concept. For that, we used stripe rectangle shades. Now we are going to describe the process.

First, we made a long and thin rectangle. Then we used a basic gradient for that. The gradient s

First, we made a long and thin rectangle. Then we used a basic gradient for that. The gradient should be top to bottom. Then we made another rectangle to choose a color between dark ash. We copied the color code from it. Then we selected the thin rectangle and selected the left “Gradient Slider” inside the “Gradient” option. Then pasted the color code in it. The right “Gradient Slider” should be in white color. We selected the right “Gradient Slider” and made the opacity zero percent. Again selected the left “Gradient Slider” and made the opacity seventy percent.

Then we copied the rectangle to right and continued the process by pressing the “Ctrl+D” keys. Again we selected the “Free Transform Tool” and angled the shapes to the left. Then we center-aligned them in the artboard and selected the background with them. Then we cut the extra areas by using the “Shape Builder Tool”. After that, we selected the texture and went for the “Transparency Tool” and selected the “Multiply” option to change the blending mood for them. Then we moved them above our artboard. Our background texture is done.

Writing The Texts

Now we can write our main texts for the travel social media post. We wrote “Explore Dream Vacation” Or you can write ” Best Hiking and Traveling” in “Montserrat Bold” font and selected the “Align Center” option in “Paragraph Tool.” Then we copied the other texts from our earlier design we saw. We copied and pasted them inside a square text box. Then we aligned all the texts in the middle of our artboard. Then resized them a bit for perfection. Then we grouped all the texts by pressing the “Ctrl+G” keys. Our text is ready.

Making Lower Button

If we need, we can put a button below the main design. We made a small rounded rectangle for the button and made its side full round. Then we gave it a white color. After that, we wrote the “Book Now” text, centered it inside the rounded rectangle, and grouped them. Then we pressed the “Horizontal Align Center” option to align the button in middle. Our button is ready.

Finishing The Design


If we remove the safety guides and the rulers, our design for Hiking and Traveling social media posts will be ready. You can use any kind of shape or image for this kind of design. But in the Hiking and Traveling or touring business, we only prefer solid shapes for the design. Otherwise, our design will not go with the category.

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