How To Design Realistic Confetti Background | Free Realistic Colorful Confetti Template

This is a Free Realistic Confetti Background Design Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator with a free download option.


In this tutorial, I am going to describe, how I made a realistic confetti design in Adobe Illustrator. This is the best tutorial video for beginners. We only used the “Paintbrush Tool” and different kinds of gradients for a realistic look. Now, let’s get started.

Making Realistic Confetti Background

First, we need some ribbons and then some small objects for tinsels. For ribbons, we used the “Artistic Brush Tool” and for small confetti, we used some polygons and the smaller objects from ribbons. Then we used different colors of gradients. We used gradient color to make the confetti more realistic.

Finding Artistic Calligraphy Tool


For the desired shape, we need the “Artistic Calligraphy Tool.” First, we went for the “Brushes” option. (If you don’t have this option, then go to the “Window” option on top of our artboard then select the “Brushes” option.) Then on the bottom left corner of the “Brushes” option, select the “Brush Libraries Menu,” then “Artistic,” and then the “Artistic Calligraphy” option.

After that, we can see three brushes with numbers on them. We will use these three brushes for our ribbons. Make sure the “Fidelity” of our “Brush Tool” must be smooth. Double click on the “Brush Tool” on the “Tool Bar” and make “Fidelity” smooth. Our brushes are ready.

Making Ribbons for Realistic Confetti


After finding the “Artistic Calligraphy Tool,” Now we are going to make some ribbons. First, we selected the “50 pt. Flat” brush tool. We used Three of those brushes for different ribbons. Then make the stroke 0.5 pixels. If you made a bigger artboard your stroke size will get bigger. Then we made some confetti by dragging the brush around our artboard. The confetti will be in abstract size. It will be of your free will. So I made 10 ribbons as I wanted.

Cutting The Ribbons

After that, We selected “Secciors Tool” to cut the ribbons in their narrow areas. We cut the narrow areas cause the gradient won’t be the same on every side. The ribbon shapes for realistic confetti are in stroke mode. After cutting them into their narrow areas, we grouped them one by one, then we selected them all and went for the “Object” option and then the “Expand Appearance” option to make all of the strokes to the path just like the IS Logo Design tutorial.

Giving Gradient Color

We already made a gradient color palette with different kinds of colors. Now it’s time to put the gradients on our ribbons. We gave each of our ribbons a different gradient color so that our realistic confetti design will look colorful.

Then we played with our gradient tool to make each of our ribbons more realistic. We made the edges and upper side of a ribbon the same color. We removed some extra ribbons. Our colorful ribbons are ready.

Making Smaller Realistic Confetti

After giving gradient in our ribbons, We copied them pressing and holding the “Alt” key and dragging them out from the artboard. We made two kinds of small confetti. Some in curved shapes, others in solid shapes. Let’s describe how we made them.

Making Curved Small Confetti


For making the curved confetti, we can do two different things. First, we can make separate small confetti using the “Artistic Calligraphy” brushes that we used for our ribbons. Or, we can use our old ribbons that we copied, and ungroup them. Then deleted the long sides and kept the small one. Our curved small confetti are ready.

Making Solid Shaped Small Confetti


Now we can make some polygons above each other and separate them abstractly. Then we selected all of them and cut the bigger areas using the “Shape Builder Tool” which we don’t need. After that, we went for the “Pathfinder” option and selected “Devide” to separate the inner shapes which are going to be our solid confetti.

Then “Ctrl+C” to copy them and “Ctrl+Shift+V” to paste them above the other shapes. The copied shapes will be automatically selected. Then rotate the selected objects by 180 degrees. After that, we selected the “Aligned To Artboard” option on our upper workspace bar and selected all the solid shapes we made. Then we pressed the “Vertical Distribute Centre” and the “Horizontal Distribute Center” options to align those shapes to our artboard.

We can see that, so many of our shapes had been distributed all over the artboard. Now we dragged and put our desired shapes out of the artboard that we ar going to use for the realistic confetti design. Then we deleted all the extra shapes inside our artboard. Then we brought the shapes inside which we had been selected for our design and colored them as colorful gradient. Our small solid shaped confetti are ready.

Putting Everything Together


Our main shapes, small confetti, tinsels, and also big ribbons for colorful realistic confetti design are ready. Then we put all the shapes inside our artboard and moved them as we wanted. We made a carve-shaped confetti frame background with our confetti. You can make whatever style you guys want with these items.

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