How To Create Water Dispersion Effect On Apple | Free Download Water Dispersion Design

It's a Free Water Dispersion Effect On Apple Design Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop with a free download option.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to manipulate the water dispersion effect on an apple. This is the best manipulation tutorial for beginners. So let’s start our design.

Making Water Dispersion Effect On Apple

For this manipulation, We chose an apple and a water splash photo with white background. Then we merged these images inside a document and changed the shape and color of our water splash. The process for this design is very simple. So let us begin the process.

Removing Background From Photos



First, we must open a document in Adobe Photoshop with “1680 X 1475” pixels. Then we opened two pictures by selecting the “File” option and clicking “Open”. We can do the same thing by just dragging in the images.

Then we selected the “Magic Wand” tool and clicked on the white background of the photo. The whole background will be selected by this quickly. Then we went for the “Select” option and clicked on “Inverse” to select the apple only.

For the water drop, we did the same thing. But first, we rotated the image upside down just as we did on your mobile design's 3D PopOut water splash. We went for the “Image” option, then clicked “Image Rotation,” and then “180°.” After that, we used the “Magic Wand Tool” to do the same as our apple image. Our background removal for the water dispersion effect on apple design is done.

Making The Water Dispersion Effect On Apple Design Shapes


Then we brought the apple and water drop images in our main document background. By selecting the apple image layer, we clicked on the “Layer Mask” option. After that, we selected the “Eraser Tool”. The eraser hardness must be at 70 to 80 percent. Then we erased the lower part of our apple.

For the water drop image, we made it a little smaller and then bring down the opacity at 63 percent. Then we selected the “Eraser Tool” to remove the extra upper parts from the image. Previously we rotated the water image. So we removed the so-called lower part of the water drop image, which is now on above.

By selecting the water drop image, We went for the “Edit” option, Then “Transform,” and then the “Warp” option to make the water drop image the size of our apple. We should make the water drop shape as realistic as we can. By selecting the “Warp” option, we are able to resize the water drop effect in different points. We changed the position of our points to make the water drop effect more dispersive. our image shapes are ready for the water dispersion effect on apple design.

Adjusting Hue And Saturation


By selecting the water drop image layer, we clicked on the “Adjustment Layer” option and then “Hue/Saturation” to adjust the color of our water drop image. The “Hue” option should be at “- 83” and the “Saturation” option at “+ 16.” After that, we brought down the water drop image layer under our apple image layer. Then we had the perfect color for our water drop effect.

Blurring The Middle Area


After creating hue saturation, then we went for the “Lasso Tool” to select the middle area of our design. Our middle area looks abstract and the images don’t match. So first we selected the middle area with the “Lasso Tool” and then went for the “Filter” option, then “Blur,” and then the “Gaussian Blur” effect. The radius we gave is 2.7 pixels. Remember, we did this “Gaussian Blur” effect on layer two, indicating the water drop image. Our main water dispersion effect on apple design is ready.

Ending The Design


After putting all the effects together, our final manipulation of the water dispersion effect on an apple is ready. The process is simple and we used a few tools for the design. The design we made is free to download.

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