How To Object Photo Manipulation Effect On Apple | Free Download 3D Apple Photo Manipulation

It's a Free Object Photo Manipulation Effect On Apple Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop with a free Design download option.


In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can manipulate different objects and photos and create a whole new design from them. The process is simple. So let’s get started.

Making Object Photo Manipulation Effect On Apple

To manipulate this design, we are going to use three different photos and used the “Blending Options” to make it more realistic. And also we made some photos masked inside the apple. So let’s see what we did.

Selecting The Photos


For this manipulation, We chose three photos. One apple on a white background. It will be our main shape. One broken house interior in vintage color. We will put our model on it. And one model on a white background and wearing a red dress which will match our apple color. By the way, you can choose any photo you like. the process will be the same.

Making Inner Shape For Object Photo Manipulation Effect


First, we brought the apple image inside our workspace in Photoshop. We did the same process to bring the image as we did in Water Dispersion Effect On Apple design. Simply go to the “File” option, then “Open.” Then select the apple image and click on “Open.”

After that, we made a new layer and chose a dark ash color, and then selected the “Ellipse Tool” to make a round shape on our apple. Then we moved the apple to the center of the apple by selecting the “Move Tool.”

Then we went for the “Edit” option, then “Transform,” and then “Warp” to resize the round shape. We made the round shape as the apple. Then we pressed the “Alt” key and clicked right on the ellipse layer icon to select the ellipse shape area. Then we clicked on the background layer and pressed the “Ctrl+J” keys to make a copy of the background selected area. We moved the new shape left and turned off the layer visibility for now. We will work on our ellipse layer. The Inner shape for object photo manipulation is done.

Creating Blending Mood


We left-clicked twice on the ellipse layer to open the “Blending Options.” Then we clicked on “Stroke” and made the size 12 pixels and the opacity 75 percent. Then we selected a dark red color for the stroke.

Then we selected the “Inner Shadow” option and made the opacity 59 percent, distance 19 pixels, Choke 19 percent, and size 59 pixels. The color should be black. Then press ok.

Masking The House Interior Picture


After giving blending mood, we brought the images and made a clipping mask inside our ellipse shape. By selecting the house interior image layer, we clicked on the three-striped option mark beside the “Layers Panel” and we clicked on “Make Clipping Mask.” We can do the same thing by pressing the “Alt+Ctrl+G” keys. We moved the image to adjust the interior.

Then we clicked on the “Edit” option, then “Transform”, and then “Flip Horizontal” to reflect the house interior image. And again we changed the position of it. Our masking of the house interior picture for object photo manipulation effect is done.

Preparing The Model Image


After we brought the model image, we selected the “Magic Wand Tool” and click on the “Add To Selection” option just like we did on the 3D PopOut Water Splash On Your Mobile Design. Then we selected the white areas of the image. We did it for the rest of our white areas by pressing and holding down the “Shift” Key. We simply unlocked the background layer so that it can be transformed into a normal layer and deleted the selected background areas.

Then we brought down the model in our main work area and made it small. Then we turned on the visibility of our apple slice. After that, we pressed “Ctrl+T” to open the transform tool and move the model in our desired area. Then we pressed “Ctrl+J” to copy the model image layer. We made a clipping mask of one of our model images inside the apple shape. Then we clicked on the copied model image layer, selected the “Eraser Tool,” and erased the foot area of our model, which is coming out from the apple.

Getting Everything Together


After that, we brought the apple slice layer under the copied model image layer and pressed “Ctrl+T” to rotate the apple slice, and brought it more closely to the main apple. Our object photo manipulation is done. The “Blending Mood” inside photo really made the design realistic.

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