How To Create Hollow Head Effect In Photoshop | Free Download Hollow Head Effect

It’s a Free Hollow Head Effect Creation tutorial in photoshop with a free Design download option.


In this tutorial, we are going to describe to you guys, how we created this hollow head effect manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. A man without a brain and his head look like broken pottery. This looks funny, right? And the process is also very simple. While making it we just need to be patient to create a perfect design like this. So let’s begin.

Creating The Hollow Head Effect Design

To manipulate this design, we used broken pottery and a bald-headed man picture. We used the “Eraser Tool” more often cause the main work is only on “Eraser Tool.” We need to be patient and much careful to make this manipulation as realistic as we can.

Opening The Images


The process for opening the images is always the same. As we did earlier in the Typographic Portrait Design and also in the Object Photo Manipulation Effect On Apple Design to open the images, we did the same thing here on the hollow head effect design also.

First, we clicked on the “Edit” option, then we clicked on the “Open.” And then we selected the photos and clicked on open again. We can also drag and drop the images in photoshop to open them.

Removing Background From The Pottery Image


After opening both images for the hollow head effect design, we selected the pottery image and clicked on the “Magic Wand Tool” to select the white background. Then we pressed the “Delete” key to remove the white area. Then we took the “Eraser Tool” and removed the extra areas which we don’t need. Our background removal of the pottery image is done.

Settling Down The Pottery image


This is the main part of our tutorial. First, we brought the pottery image that we removed background earlier. Then we pressed the “Ctrl+T” keys to open the “Transform Tool” for our pottery image. Then we resized the image as our bald-headed man’s head. We dropped down the opacity a little to adjust the pottery perfectly. We brought the opacity hundred percent again after we perfectly placed the pottery on his head.

Cutting The Pottery Shape


After arranging the pottery on the head, we selected the pottery image layer, and then we clicked on the “Add A Mask” option. We cut the pottery area inside our mask option cause if we need to adjust anything again, we can find our main image here.

Selecting the mask layer, we took the “Brush Tool” and picked the black color to remove our desired area. We kept the broken area and removed all the other areas which we don’t need. The process is slow and hard. to keep a real broken area, we should be careful and patient for this action. We brought down the opacity of our broken layer to 62 percent and resized the shape again.

Resizing The Head Shape


After working on the pottery shape, we resized the head shape next. We pressed the “Ctrl+J” keys to copy the background layer. We turned off the visibility of our main background layer and pottery layer. Then we selected the “Clone Stamp Tool.”

Then we pressed the “Alt” key and clicked left on our blue background to take a sample for our clone tool and then we brushed over the head area that we don’t need. we did the clone effect to adjust the background with our cutting area. We turned on the visibility of the pottery layer several times to check if we are doing everything right. Then we made the pottery layer opacity hundred percent and did a finishing touch above. Our hollow head effect design is done.

Final Look Of Our Hollow Head Effect Design


The process is very simple and easy. But the work must be done carefully and patiently. You can do the effect with any other images and make fun of it.

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